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Understand today's home selling market.

Understanding Home Buyers

There are 3 things you can control when selling your home

An understanding of your likely buyer can go a long way toward meeting your home sales goals! When it comes down to it, Sellers can only control 3 factors that affect the sale of their home:

The home’s condition
Asking price
Marketing strategy

Many factors influence a buyer, and sellers should understand these consumer trends as they enter the sellers’ market to make their property competitive in the marketplace.

One of my jobs is to advise you on how to best position and market your home to overcome any perceived downsides.

Your Home’s Location

You can’t control your home’s location. Neighborhood quality is the biggest reason buyers choose certain homes, according to the National Association of REALTORS, and I couldn’t agree more. The second most influential factor is commute times to work and school. While there is nothing you can change, I can help you market your home to a niche that wants your location.

Your Home’s Amenities

Floor plans and finishes go in and out of fashion, and I’ll be happy to guide you to make minor, cost-effective improvements or tweeks to bring you as close to these “hot ticket” items that are selling homes in the area market. If your home lacks certain features, renovating is not always the right move.

I’ll use market conditions and activity in your neighborhood as a gauge, to determine which investments will likely help your profit margin and time on the market.

The Size of Your Home

Home sizes have continued to increase over the decades, nearly doubling in size since the 1950s, and I find that even buyers who want to ‘downsize’ their lives end up moving to a more luxurious, but generally spacious home. The trick I concentrate on to market your home well is to find the pockets of buyers in the right life-stage for your home.