Relocate to Harford County Maryland

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Relocating to Harford County, Maryland? Find the best places to live with these tools for relocation home buyers

Relocating to Harford County Maryland, but don’t know where to start? It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for neighborhoods in  Bel Air or Abingdon, Aberdeen or Fallston, a successful move starts with some important questions, so let’s start there!

All home buyers should consider:

Knowing these details can help you decide on your choices for the best places to live in Harford County.

Harford County housing demographics - compare it with the town you're moving from

It’s helpful to compare Harford County, MD with the area you’re relocating from.  You can use this tool to compare median home sale price, home age, and the percentage of renters to homeowners in any Harford County zip code with your current home and community. 

Harford County schools - Info for relocating home buyers

The Harford County Public Schools Infofinder is the place to start.  It identifies the school for any Harford County home’s address, and is a great way for relocating home buyers to check schools for any area.  

While there are several websites with school ‘ratings,’ they are vote driven, so use caution, and use Maryland’s school test scores instead, especially as a relocation home buyer who is unfamiliar with the area.

Here are links to directories which contains each school’s website and contact.  I often suggest you let the school know you are moving to Maryland, and schedule a meeting with administrators as you consider any specific neighborhood.

Harford County crime information

One of the first things relocating home buyers tell me is that they want to move to a safe area.

We’ll need to use various sources for information, because unlike neighboring counties, there is no Harford County police department.  Larger local jurisdictions like Bel Air, Havre de Grace and Aberdeen have their own departments, and much of the county relies on the Maryland State Police and Harford County Sheriff’s office.

Harford County Interactive Crime Map

Harford County Crime Grades

Relocating to Harford County MD? Here's how to find the best cities and zip codes to search homes for sale

Online real estate search sites often require home buyers to search by zip code.  Just use this Harford County MD zip code map, and zoom to the area where you plan to relocate.

Home buyers relocating from out of the area often just need to get an overview of the size and layout of a county, including major highways and roads. Use this Harford County Roads and Boundaries Map to find out what areas are close to work, and discover nearby areas to add to your home search. It’s even printable.

How much do houses cost in Harford County MD, and how do homes compare with the area you're relocating from ?

If you’re new to Harford County, you’ll want to see price ranges and home styles in each area.  Harford County real estate offers everything from farms to townhomes, villas for 55+, historic homes and new construction.

You can get a great Harford County real estate overview by using my website map search. Just zoom and drag to see homes for sale in any area. The neighborhood names are included on the map, as well, so you’ll know exactly where you are.

Job hunting for home buyers moving to Harford County Maryland

Harford County is home to several major employers, which is especially important for relocating family members who may be looking for employment.  

While Aberdeen Proving Ground is by far the largest employer in Harford County, it’s ‘tucked away’ location in Aberdeen  means Harford County does not feel like an area built around a military base.  Most employees are not active military, and work in research and development roles or hold technical jobs with companies like Booz Allen Hamilton or Jacobs Technology.

Healthcare is another large employment sector in Harford County too, encompassing Upper Chesapeake Health hospital system.

In addition, Harford County is an easy commute for anyone working in Baltimore County or City.

Questions about moving to Maryland?

Have a question about relocating to Harford County Maryland?

I can suggest neighborhoods that might suit your needs, point you to good info on schools, discuss local financing options, and more.  Just ask!