Mays Chapel North
Condos under $325,000

Values are hard to find these days, but you can't go wrong when you find a Mays Chapel North condo under 325,000!

Offering the same convenience and location of higher priced units, and not always too much smaller, you’ll generally find these bargains have eat-in kitchen space that serves nicely as a cozy den, fireplace, walk-in closets, 2 full baths, and in-unit laundry.   While they may not always have the luxury lobby, they are well landscaped and attractively maintained.  Walking paths, plenty of easy parking, and patios or balconies are traits all Mays Chapel condos share.


You’ve probably got a big to-do list, and the process can get a bit confusing, especially if it’s been awhile since you last bought or sold a house.

We help people downsize every day, and are happy to share tips, guides and a helping hand.  Got questions? Just ask!

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Roundwood Ridge Condos with Elevator and Garage Mays Chapel North 21093
Over 1600sf
Belmont Forest garage elevator Mays Chapel North
Elevator & Garage
1st Floor Bedroom Dunloy townhomes Mays Chapel North
Townhomes & Villas
Mays Chapel North Wexford Garden Timonium 21093
Under $400,000

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